You may register for any class that is open and in session if there is class  space available.  The child must meet the age requirements of the  class.  See individual classes for more information.  Registration is taken online at our online store.  Simply shop for the class you would  like to enroll in and checkout and pay with your credit card using PayPal.  A receipt is instantly emailed to you.


All company  members are required to be at all rehearsals. It is mandatory to attend  all technical rehearsals and performances.  Actors are asked to be fully  committed to the program.  Not all company members may be called to all  rehearsals.  Please see production/class calendar for more information.


Being in a production is demanding and requires parents to support their actors in whichever role they are cast in.  Parents should be willing to support an ensemble environment.  Every parent is highly encouraged to assist in the production. Parents will be given a list of activities from which to choose from. 


KUDOS is a  performing arts school.   Students learn theatre arts training by  participating in classes, workshops and productions.  Productions are  performed before family, friends and the public.  Tickets for these  productions can be purchased in advance online through our box office  ticket webpages.  KUDOS reserves the right to combine or cancel classes  that do not have minimum enrollment. Faculty, classes, production titles and schedule are subject to change.