Follow the steps above if you would like to be in a show (full-scale production rehearsed to perform before an audience), if you would like to join a class (skill based workshops without a performance) or join tech crew.  If there are any productions or classes available, there will be a page on our website dedicated to it and a link to pay for registration at our online store.  

 Some important information to know:

  • When we open new registration, we let those who subscribe to our E-Newsletter know about it first.
  • Registration for classes or productions usually opens 2 months before the class or show start dates.
  • Fees can range between $80-$200 for classes and $250-$375 for productions.  Each class or production will have it's own schedule.
  • We fill quickly, sometimes within 10 minutes of opening registration, sometimes days, sometimes weeks.
  • Please come see our shows while you are waiting.  We'd love to meet you.  Visit our Tickets page for more information.