Our Story



KUDOS was founded in the summer of 2003 with the idea to provide dramatic art instruction and performances for young people and families.  During its first year, the company developed drama classes for young children through the City of Stockton Parks and Recreation Department.  The company grew and moved into their current location on Lucile Ave in July 2008.  The move allowed for a 78-seat theatre, lobby and box office areas, green room, rehearsal and costume rooms, a scene shop and a tech booth.  KUDOS continues to add more classes for children and adults including opportunities for them to perform in full-scale theatrical productions. KUDOS has brought together children and families from many backgrounds and provides positive, creative experiences in drama, music and movement.


Mission and Lifelong Values

The mission of KUDOS Children's Theatre Company is to ignite the imagination of children and to celebrate their work with their families and community through quality theatre arts experiences.

KUDOS will provide exposure to the performing arts and stagecraft, while developing life skills and nurturing their potentials through creative expression.  Through strong student involvement, participants will learn teamwork, leadership and respect for self and others.  Each participant will be taught with respect, love and responsibility.



KUDOS Children's Theatre Company is proud to have on its team Ria Barredo-Kroff, Rob Kroff, Sarah Rushton, Richard Rushton and welcomes, Susan Borges, Katie Robinson, Shandi Hunt, and Wendi Sherman.  They bring many years of experience encompassing: theatre production and performance, child development, counseling, music composition and performance, choreography, dance, technical theatre and adventure education.  The KUDOS Team believes that the performing arts process promotes educational development, leadership and life-skills while discovering new talents in the arts.

Additional Information

KUDOS enjoys producing original pieces that often includes a theatrical blend of music, dancing, masks, puppetry, vibrant costumes and multi-media.   They also stage well-known and little known folktales, fairytales, classics and musicals. 

KUDOS offers several classes year round for 3 year olds through adults.  These classes expand awareness of the theatre and stagecraft while promoting creative self-expression. They want the student to use every part of their being: hands, feet, body, brain, heart and soul to obtain and realize their creative potential. 


Life Skills

KUDOS  believes in the concept of ARTS and asks that all participants recognize  and implement the following when participating in KUDOS classes.

A ttitude
R esponsibility
T alents
S kills

Attitude  – Display a willingness to work with others, try new things, help when  needed and be part of the solution rather than the problem.

Responsibility – Be accountable to somebody or to one’s self as it relates to their jobs, actions and/or decisions.

Talents – Discover and develop new abilities to do something well.

Skills – Learn and develop abilities in the areas of theatre through practice and experience.