We envision intelligent LED lighting  equipment operated by our students while enhancing the theatrical value  of KUDOS’ productions. Their automated mechanisms allow the lights to  move and create complicated and colorful effects that will offer greater  flexibility in our lighting designs and visual interest to our  audiences. Students will be trained on the most up to date  technology in the intelligent lighting spectrum. Additionally, using  LED lighting instruments consume less energy, generates virtually no  heat and many fixtures can be ran over a single circuit.


We stage between 8-12 productions and events in our current theatre space every year. We are using older lighting equipment that is not energy efficient, that generates heat and does not offer us options to intelligently change colors or rotate  positions. We are currently maxed on our energy use that our electrical  panel will allow. Because of this, we cannot add additional Tungsten lights for top, side and back lighting. Our original lighting console was  bought used and had been repaired and updated as much as it could be. It was showing signs of failure. We feared it would give out during a performance if we didn’t upgrade immediately.


We have taken out a loan for Phase One of our plan, “Light Up KUDOS”. This phase includes: a new moving head  lighting console with touchscreen installed in the tech booth, thirteen color changing LED back and top lights with eight of them able to move  and rotate, hardware, rigging, cables, labor and consultation of the new  equipment.

Purchasing this equipment will provide much improvement to the look and comfort of our events and shows. But it will  not be enough to properly light the stage. In the meantime, we will  continue to use some of our better existing Tungsten lights to fill in  the gaps until we can raise additional funds to purchase the remaining  lights to complete the project.

The loan we took out for Phase One of the lighting system upgrade included:

  • A New Moving Head Lighting Console with Touchscreen installed in the tech booth
  • Five color changing LED back lights
  • Eight Mini Moving Head Color Changing front and back lights
  • Installation of new hardware to hang the lights on, cables, rigging
  • Labor and consultation for the new equipment

We  will need to acquire additional funds to complete Phase Two of  “Light Up KUDOS” to include ten more LED lights. This will eliminate the  use of our older Tungsten lights and fully convert to LED lighting.


Since moving to our current location in 2008, we have used  the same lighting instruments. We have been frugal and purchased and/or  borrowed three used lighting consoles all of which have fizzled out. Without a new lighting system  upgrade, our productions will not be lit and our students will miss a  valuable learning experience that is not easily obtained at this level.  Most theatre students don’t receive this kind of training until they reach college age.


We are grateful for your willingness to help us through this exciting system upgrade.  We will host several events throughout the year that you and your families can participate in.  In order to help pay down the loan we have also added an individual ticket price increase of $2.00 that will remain indefinitely. 

If  you would like to contribute, please  make a check payable to KUDOS. Checks can be mailed to us at 1943 W.  Lucile Ave., 95209.  Your gift is not tax deductible.  We thank you from  the bottom of our hearts.  It means the world to us and all of our  KUDOS children that you would graciously give to our efforts.