ALL STUDENTS  ARE EXPECTED TO FOLLOW THESE REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH CLASS! Failure to do  so will omit the student for that particular class. 

Attendance  and promptness are very important to the activity you signed up for.   This is a group activity and respect must be shown to all.  THE STUDENTS  MUST ARRIVE APPROXIMATELY 10 MINUTES BEFORE THEIR CLASS TO PREPARE FOR  THE REHEARSAL!  If for some reason the student cannot make a rehearsal,  it is asked that the person contact us.  EXCESSIVE ABSENCES WILL  CONSTITUTE AN UNDERSTUDY REPLACING THE ACTOR.   

No sandals, or flip flops.  We usually ask for black jazz shoes.

When  students arrive to rehearsal/class they MUST begin to prepare for the  work of the day.  This can include setting up the scenery, props,  warming up body and voice or getting into costumes and makeup.  No one  should arrive and hang out in the lobby or play in the theatre.  Failure  to do so will result in the student not participating in the  rehearsal/class. 

Every student must display maturity when working in a group and be able to take direction. 

Students  must understand that they are to remain quiet until their part begins  on stage.  If they cause problems by disrupting the cast or director  during rehearsal, the student may lose their role in the show and  possible dismissal from the cast.

It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to memorize all music and lines of the show by the given deadline.

Children  must obey the adults in charge of the show or working on the show and  show respect for all adults that they come in contact with. The adults  are all volunteers who do this for the love of children and the theater.

All children will treat each other with respect and kindness. There will be no harassing or teasing of other children or adults.