What People Are Saying About KUDOS

 I am truly amazed with how you handle the kids and the various shows. Nice work. My girls have so many positive things to say about you and your staff. As long as they learn, have fun, and grow, that's what matters to us.  Thank you for making that happen.  -A.W.

I knew that KUDOS would not remain a well-kept secret for long.  Your productions are professional and the kids receive a priceless experience as a result of being a member of the cast.  My granddaughter has benefited immensely from her various acting and tech crew roles and responsibilities.  Her principal nominated her to attend the National Junior Leadership Conference in Washington DC this summer.  She has been afforded the opportunity of a lifetime and I give KUDOS much of the credit for this opportunity.  I know that I don't say thank you enough for all that KUDOS does for children, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  -V.S.

I was just thinking again today about what a great experience this is for my granddaughter.  I watched the play 5 times and could watch it again.  We can’t wait until the next time… -G.R.

I see the growth in her in many areas because of her KUDOS experience. She actually went over to the neighbor boy’s house by herself to see if he wanted to play for the afternoon. She has much more self-confidence.  –A.M.

We so enjoyed our visit once again to your theatre company. What a treasure it is…the show was magic, and the creativity amazing…  -S.W.

I just want to tell you how impressed we all were with The Little Mermaid. That was an incredible undertaking and a real challenge to fairly young children, but they did an amazing job. I can’t believe the breath of experience kids have when they stay with you over time.  Thank you again for what you do for kids and the Stockton community. What you do for children cannot be measured. What you do for the community is absolutely wonderful.   KUDOS Children Theater is indeed a treasure! –B.K.

Great show! You are a blessing to my son! He keeps saying, "I can't stop smiling- that was so much fun! I can’t believe I just did that!” –S.W.

Thank you for all you do. My daughter had another wonderful experience with KUDOS. She is already asking about being part of another production. I am including a letter my child wrote to me because it was very touching and proves just how much she enjoys KUDOS. Thanks again for everything. –M.B.

Thanks so much for the wonderful experience.  My daughter came in somewhat reluctantly but finished with new friends and the desire to come back in the future. The professionalism and investment in the kids shown by all of you is much appreciated.  I only regret that we did not get involved in this wonderful program before...  Thanks for an exceptional experience! –C.R.

I want you to know what an awesome experience this has been for my grandson.  He is a changed young man, so much more self confident and expressive.  I just wanted to give a word of encouragement and let you know that you guys are changing lives.... and for the better. – D.W.

Thank you.  I know how much work and time you put in at KUDOS and I can’t tell you how much my daughter has learned from you in her drama world.  Thank you for all you have done in teaching her what she knows about the stage.  We are so glad we found KUDOS. –A.S.

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful time we have had since joining the family at KUDOS.  I have noticed a big change in my granddaughter since she has started training here. You don't get enough credit.  –M.A.

Thank you all for your wonderful contribution to the arts and to the children!

I say it again and again: Why did we not join sooner!  And, why are not all children in Stockton joining KUDOS? Amazing! – Y.Y.

My daughter had a wonderful time playing her character and we greatly enjoyed watching the production. You all have done a terrific job directing, choreographing, and encouraging our kids to excel at KUDOS. We are so lucky to have you right here in Stockton.   –T.E.

Thank you for inspiring my daughter and bringing her so much pleasure in the discovery of theater, music, dance and exploring her creativity in so many ways.

She loves KUDOS and her involvement there is undoubtedly the central reason she has matured and developed a positive outlook toward her future.  She knows that her creative energy and talent will always be a key part of her life through theater.  She also knows that many of her best friends and soul mates will continue to come from the world of theater and the arts.  We are very grateful for all the love and support that those of you at KUDOS have given her over the years. –D.E.

Thank you to you for doing an outstanding job! My daughter had a great time and made lots of new friends. The other night she told me she already missed being at KUDOS. I have heard about KUDOS a couple of years ago and I am glad that we were able to be a part of this family. I fully understand what all the talk was all about now. –H.C.

Just want to give you a big thank you for having such a great program. We are moving in June so this was my daughter’s last play and she cried for about an hour Saturday because he is going to miss the staff, productions, and theatre so much. So thank you for putting a special place in her heart!!!!!  You guys are amazing! –J.H.

I am so happy to have been a part of KUDOS.  You guys have a special thing going at KUDOS.  –D.Q.

We have tried a lot of activities for my daughter and none have worked out. It means a lot to my husband and I that you have given her an opportunity to participate in something she enjoys. She is genuinely excited to go to every practice, and adores you and your staff. :-) – J.S.

KUDOS continues to produce wonderful plays and provides the kids (and families) with great memories.  -M.Y.

Your productions are fantastic! All the kids – on stage and behind the scenes learn so much from you! -L.F.

WOW!! Brought me to tears to see the finished product of a show these fine actors worked so hard on!!! WE are truly blessed to have a Children’s Theatre like KUDOS locally.  -A.M.

Love the variety of artistic genres our kids learn to perform at KUDOS.  The kids that go there are like family to each other and they have great leaders.  BOTH my children are learning how to work hard, accept challenges, gain confidence and grow! They have fun while at KUDOS!!! Never in a hurry to leave.  It’s a fun, safe place for our kids to go where they are able to express themselves both physically and emotionally!!! We love KUDOS! -M.G.

We started at KUDOS because my then 8-year-old daughter was constantly putting on plays in the basement and forcing the younger kids to play parts she didn’t want and insisting everyone watch her productions.  We have continued to be involved for the last 5 years because KUDOS is a fantastic program that works with each child and helps them build their individual strengths.  The staff at KUDOS accepts and nurtures each child in their program and it shows.  The kids LOVE to be there!! -S.H.

Camaraderie, craft, comfortable, consistency, cast, Kroff and Rushton rock! -M.C.

KUDOS is the only place in the world my daughter never wants to leave.  She says, “Good people, learning life skills such as public speaking and team building, but most of all, it’s fun and I make great friends.”  The shows are awesome.  It amazes me how the kids grow and learn.  If they only knew how much performing in front of lots of people under pressure will help them in the future.  Thanks KUDOS.  My daughter would live there if she could.  -T.M.

I came because I love performing, but there ended up being much more to it than just being on stage.  I come because I love the people I work with and I know I can always count on them just like a family.  -A.E.

KUDOS is a wonderful place for kids to just be kids, to express themselves, and truly be a part of creating something amazing! -M.P.